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  • Beyond excellent - I would not go anywhere else Dr. LeFever goes above and beyond, every time. There is no one more caring, compassionate and talented. I have been to others in town that provide the Nucca services and found ethical challenges. Dr. LeFever takes pride in not having to see a patient extremely frequently - like many others, but his goal is to do a great service so that patients do not have to come in super frequent. Of course, all people are different. I went to someone else that suggested I come in for treatment several times a week. With Dr. LeFever, I get treatment every 4 months and feel great. He is extremely knowledgeable about many things. I am very grateful for Dr. LeFever and appreciate all he does!

    Sherry L. Avatar
    Sherry L.
  • Steady hands of a caring professional Thank you Dr. LeFever for your thorough evaluation and treatment. I always feel better, relaxed and energized after your treatment.

    Greg C. Avatar
    Greg C.
  • Amazing Care I have been going to Dr LeFever for years. My initial visit was due to terrible pain going down my right leg after a back surgery. I was only able to walk a short distance before the pain was so bad I had to sit or lay down. It was causing me problems both at work and home. Dr LeFever took the time to explain what he could do to help me, but more importantly he listened to me, let me ask questions, & offered advice to help me while I was home. He actually called me the next day after my first visit to see how I was feeling. That showed me how much he cared about me and my health. My life is 100% better & I'm able to live a mostly pain free life thanks to Dr LeFever & his care.

    Craig M. Avatar
    Craig M.
  • Desiree is an incredibly thoughtful, thorough practitioner. She takes a holistic approach to your body and, after a thorough initial appointment, creates customized plans and recommendations for you with the long term goal of not needing to come in!
    I've felt relief after each appointment and, thanks to her guidance, have changed up my at home routines, allowing me to feel better for longer between sessions.
    If you're looking to make a positive change in your life, look no further - Desiree can help!

    Jeanine Gibson Avatar
    Jeanine Gibson
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • I have visited this place a couple times now, and every single time I am still blown away by how amazing Desiree is. Think about the best massage you've had, then multiply it by 10. She not only massages out my insane knots but she stretches me out. The way she stretches you out, like you don't realize your body needs to be stretched so bad until she does it.
    You cannot ask for a better person to adjust you.

    Lindsey Mcmurtie Avatar
    Lindsey Mcmurtie
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • Complete Chiropractic Love Dr. LeFever's approach, techniques, and listening skills. I refer all of my Massage Therapy clients to him.

    Rachel M. Avatar
    Rachel M.
  • Kelly is an amazing nurse practitioner. She is meticulous, very knowledgeable. She takes time evaluating and discuses at length. I strongly recommend her.

    K Mehta Avatar
    K Mehta
  • Desiree is amazing! I was in so much pain and couldn't turn my neck. I came in for my 1st session and left able to move and my pain dropped from a 10 to a 2! It was incredible! She caters to your needs and what your body tells her. I just had my second session and I was so relaxed and enjoyed every second of it. I highly recommend! Thank you for making my pain go away and on to healthier living!

    Jasper B Avatar
    Jasper B
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • Had a shoulder injury that was only getting worse from other therapy's. I was fortunate enough to have Deseret Patronas work on it. I had immediate relief having her work on my shoulder. I look forward to having future treatments done here. Although I normally never write reviews I feel it is important to write one here as this treatment has helped me to such an extent. Highly recommend. I will be sending family and friends here in the near future. If you need relief for an injury or just need regular maintenance this is your place to go. Thanks for the treatment.

    Justin Goldman Avatar
    Justin Goldman
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • The best wellness center I know of and have been personally been visiting Dr.James LeFever for years, he has been a great asset for treatment and become a trusted friend I can't say enough. He has brought many more health options under a brand new center and I would highly recommend visiting their web site to see for yourself.

    Richard Barth Avatar
    Richard Barth
  • Professional, knowledgeable, attentive and timely What a relief to not only walk out feeling better than when I arrived, but to receive one-no-one attention from the doctor for as long as it took to evaluate, explain and treat my condition! In today's healthcare environment, where everything is done quickly and by ancillary staff, it was a pleasure to be with a doctor who's only interest was to care for my needs. Dr. Lefevere - well done!!

    Bruce G. Avatar
    Bruce G.
  • Professional wellness care with passion and conviction Dr. LeFever is outstanding, and that term sells him short. As far as the doctor's manner, approach, conviction, passion, and faith, he leaves nothing unattended or unanswered. He explains what he does and why as well as what you need to do to keep the alignment in check. My faith in the Doctor cannot truly be expressed. He helps with "what ails you "... I am a migraine sufferer, have experienced a fracture in my back from a car accident and have digestive issues as well as degenerative disc disease in my neck. The most important thing I think I can write is that you must be willing to receive and accept your adjustment ...because when your spine is aligned you will attain wellness. I pray to continue to receive adjustments and come to a day when I will be on maintenance..Dr. LeFever has my complete trust. Blessings, Janet

    Janet J. Avatar
    Janet J.
  • Took the words right out of my mouth-High quality, Professional and Friendly New from the start when I called for an appointment that it was the right chiropractic office for me. Karen and Denise where very professional and kind as they took my calls and greeted me in person as well as with everyone that comes in. Then with Dr. LeFever, can't tell you enough without over filling out this page. To be brief, he was very professional, attentive, thorough and kind. I came out learning more about my spine/body and kept feeling better and better as my spine/body started healing after every adjustments. My spine/body is in good hands with Align Your Spine Wellness Center which I'm so grateful to have finally found.

    Lyanne R. Avatar
    Lyanne R.
  • Dr LeFever is the best in Vegas! I have been to chiropractors all over this valley and Dr. LeFever is the only person who can adjust me easily and perfectly with lasting results and no pain or soreness afterwards.

    Sean B. Avatar
    Sean B.
  • Dr. LeFever is one of the most caring Doctors I have had ever been to. He listens, is genuinely concerned to fix the problem and then goes about using his knowledge and skills to get you better. He got me in the day I called and within a very short time my pain was gone. He then checked with me the next day to see how I was feeling. Thank you Dr. LeFever for being such an amazing Doctor and human being. You are the best!

    Susan S. Avatar
    Susan S.
  • I have visited this place a couple times now, and every single time I am still blown away by how amazing Desiree is. Think about the best massage you've had, then multiply it by 10. She not only massages out my insane knots but she stretches me out. The way she stretches you out, like you don't realize your body needs to be stretched so bad until she does it.
    You cannot ask for a better person to adjust you.

    Lindsey Mcmurtie Avatar
    Lindsey Mcmurtie
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • I've been seeing Desiree since January, and I consistently feel better after every visit. I look forward to seeing her and to be honest, I'd be a wreck without my appointments with her.

    Kristie Nichols Avatar
    Kristie Nichols
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • I am a patient of Kelly Slaughter. She is so genuinely kind and easy to talk to. Every time I see her she makes me feel so comfortable. I have never come across a better listener, and you can really tell she cares about my wellbeing. She is so knowledgeable at what she does, and it’s really helping me change my life. Adina, North Las Vegas

    Adina Elison Avatar
    Adina Elison
  • In my visit to Las Vegas, I had a Massage w/ a Massage Therapist @ Alignology & Associates. Her name is Kristen. She was very caring, attentive & ultimately amazing!

    Gwelene Lefever Avatar
    Gwelene Lefever
    Alignology Massage Therapy
  • Dr. LeFever is THE best NUCCA doctor in town! He's knowledgeable, professional, caring, and has magic hands that take pain away 🙂 His staff is also very professional and friendly. I recommend Dr. LeFever to everyone of my patients and they come back grateful about the referral, and like me, feeling better about having pain significantly decreased if not completely pain free!

    Sandy Y. Avatar
    Sandy Y.
  • Everything was perfec . Thanks Dr Lefever

    Mitzi L. Avatar
    Mitzi L.
  • High quality service, friendly and uniquitely qualified I really like Dr. LeFever’s upper cervical alignment treatment and overall holistic and fundamental medical approach to health remedies and maintenance and he really cares. His practice is also ideally qualified and positioned to administer amniotic stem cell therapy.

    Peter B. Avatar
    Peter B.
  • I just had an amazing massage done by Desiree today! I’ve been dealing with shoulder pain for a couple of months now and have been getting regular chiropractic adjustments to help with the pain. But I’ve been told that this is a deeper muscle and nerve issue that needed to be worked on by Desiree. My first experience with her was fantastic! She listened to all of my concerns and focused on my major problem areas. After today’s session I immediately have better arm motion and able to rotate my arm all around without it locking up. I will definitely keep coming back to her since this isn’t a one and done deal. It will take some time for my shoulder to recover but now I can definitely feel it will happen sooner than later. Thank You Desiree!

    Karina Loya Avatar
    Karina Loya
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • ALIGNOLOGY and Associates is a revolution in medicine! With cutting edge techniques and ideas, it will heal the problem anyone faces at the root of the cause. This office is equipped with heartwarming staff and a sole goal in mind to help people perform at their best!

    Peyton Postma Avatar
    Peyton Postma
  • People in front are nice and friendly. Dr. LeFever is the best. He'll really going to help you. And honest with you! 👍👍👌👏

    Irene M. Avatar
    Irene M.
  • Professional and extremely friendly Every person that I meet was extremely friendly. Dr. LeFever was very knowledgeable, professional, caring and spent a lot time explaining everything to me.

    Laura F. Avatar
    Laura F.
  • Dr. LeFever has been our family chiropractor going on 6 years. He has helped me with various concerns. One is tingling and numbness in my arm. There was a time, that the problem was persistent and got worse and worse. I went in to see Dr. Lever. He eased my mind that it was something he could help me with and He did. He also referred me to Kristen, a lovely massage therapist. Kristen, listened to my concerns and helped me so much, too! I haven't had the tingling and numbness in a long long time. THANK YOU Dr. LeFever and Kristen!

    Nadia Tyson Avatar
    Nadia Tyson
  • Professional and friendly service. Dr. LeFevre was very friendly and took the time to explain the NUCCA chiropractic program clearly. Very helpful information.

    Cathy M. Avatar
    Cathy M.
  • I had three bodywork sessions with Desiree, and after only three, I have more range of motion in my right shoulder. I have gone to the chiropractor, but I leave with more pain than I came in with. I also was scared for each appointment. With Desiree, I feel less pain and less fearful. I leave each appointment happier knowing my shoulder is slowly getting back to where it should be. She knows what she is doing. She'll change her angles and move you around to find that perfect spot. I can't recommend her enough. If you're looking for some bodywork, well stop! Desiree is what you're looking for!

    Leanne Quizon Avatar
    Leanne Quizon
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • LeFever is great! I love that Dr. LeFever does the NUUCA Chiropractic. He can help people with rods in their body because there is no twisting and turning. Also, he is very thorough and you can tell he really cares about his patients.

    Cheri H. Avatar
    Cheri H.
  • Everytime I come to Vegas to visit family I always come here to get an adjustment. Dr. James LeFever is amazing! Thank you for the wonderful work and friendly staff!

    Julie R. Avatar
    Julie R.
  • Truly Cares About My Health I found Dr. LeFever many years ago after doing a lot of online research about sciatica. I was having leg pain after a back surgery and could barely cross the street without having severe pain down my leg. I liked the idea of Nucca Chiropractic versus traditional chiropractic because it was gentle & not the traditional cracking & popping you usually equate with visiting a chiropractor. Dr LeFever was very interested in exactly what was bothering me & worked with me to create a plan of action. I actually noticed a huge difference after my first adjustment and it only got better and better. He truly made my life better. I've been seeing Dr. LeFever for years & he always takes the time to listen and understand what area and issues you have and does his best to resolve those issues so you can feel your absolute best. Amazing Doctor!!!

    Craig M. Avatar
    Craig M.
  • The most thorough, therapeutic massage work I’ve experienced. Desiree has a wonderful knowledge of what the body needs to improve in function. A completely enjoyable experience!

    Cynthia Sambataro Avatar
    Cynthia Sambataro
    Behind the Neon Bodyworks
  • I have been seeing Dr. La Fever for about a year now! the chiropractic care he provides is exceptional and he is always attentive to his clients health needs. Really awesome chiropractor and great practice. Highly recommend this place for those on a journey toward wellness and maintaining their health. I feel great after every visit and for weeks to follow.

    Natalie W. Avatar
    Natalie W.
  • Desiree 's hands are magic. This is my third body works session on the mat. I absolutely LOVE THE MAT! I feel that the work is deeper but the pain is less to none compared to being on a table. I STRONGLY recommend Desiree's mat massage to anyone dealing with tension, pain, anxiety, you name it and her magic hands and the mat will set you straight!!

    Jasper b. Avatar
    Jasper b.
  • Always looking to improve For my adjustment today, Dr. LeFever had a thought as I walked into exam room. He was not satisfied that my previous adjustment didn't have the results he was looking for. He discovered another issue because he NEVER GIVES UP ON WELLNESS. The reason I'm writing this review in the particular way is that Dr. LeFever doesn't forget you when your appointment is over. He calls to check up on you and listens, really listens to what you say. With that being said, my feedback from one appointment to the next led him to the realization of something he needed to try. So far hours later I'm feeling better than when I walked in this morning. As I am brought back to wellness I am confident I will have success with a doctor who doesn't give up, ever! Blessings, Janet Jones

    Janet J. Avatar
    Janet J.
  • After being treated by Dr. Lefever I no longer suffer from bad headaches or neck pain. I always feel better after I leave.

    Hayden B. Avatar
    Hayden B.
  • I don't usually respond to surveys or requests for ratings but AYS is an exception. All of the staff at AYS are always prompt, responsive, professional, polite & helpful. I can't praise them enough. The doctors have been my saving grace for years, even when they were located at other offices. I was introduced to Dr. LeFever when Dr. Mongie moved his practice to AYS. Every time I have seen him he has always, always, helped my situation and made me more comfortable. This time was no exception. I recommend AYS every time someone is looking for the best chiropractic care in Las Vegas.

    Bobbie J. Avatar
    Bobbie J.
  • Everytime I come to Vegas to visit family I always come here to get an adjustment. Dr. James LeFever is amazing! Thank you for the wonderful work and friendly staff!

    Melissa K. Avatar
    Melissa K.
  • So effective and caring! Both massage and chiro.

    Patricia R. Avatar
    Patricia R.
  • Josiah did my Stem Cell IV injection and I have been feeling so amazing!! Breast cancer supportive care is a must for me and I am so happy that I have chosen this path of complete healing from Chemo, Radiation and Surgery. Dr. James LeFever does my chiropractic adjustments and he's very professional, gentle and a very different type of chiropractor! The admin staff are very caring and make me feel welcomed!

    Liliana L. Avatar
    Liliana L.
  • Dr LeFever is a caring and compassionate person. I am extremely grateful to him for all he has done with treating me after my vehicle accident. Dr LeFever's staff are the best. They give excellent customer service.

    Renée M. Avatar
    Renée M.
  • This clinic takes clinics to a whole new level! Besides a beautiful office the staff is amazing and Dr LeFever explained what was going on and why. I've only had to go back once for an adjustment since my first visit and still feel awesome! I never write reviews, Alignology deserved my time in writing this.

    Phil Randazzo Avatar
    Phil Randazzo
    Alignology Massage Therapy
  • The BEST ever! Clean Facility Nice Staff Doctors are your friends Easy to make appointments Takes insurance Always running on time Those are just a few of the things I love about this place. Dr. Lefever has created such an amazing environment for his patients. He wont let you walk out with out fixing your problem. He will keep working on your body until it feels great! He actually cares for you, instead of your wallet. To me, that makes all the difference. I HIGHLY recommend going to Dr. wont be disappointed and you will make a new friend.

    Marissa C. Avatar
    Marissa C.
  • Utah resident I've been coming here for about 4 years and this is the only place I feel I get really the best treatment for my pain and discomfort. Dr Lefever is so gentle and kind and knows just what to do to get me set straight. I wish I lived closer so I could see him every time I need an adjustment. He gets 5 stars for being the very best.

    Faye I. Avatar
    Faye I.
  • Very very caring I know that when I see Dr LeFever that I am being treated by both a very good professional, and a very good man. He does everything possible to ensure I receive the best care. Always leave feeling better.

    Aleda N. Avatar
    Aleda N.


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