ALIGNOLOGY™ & Associates

We Help You Heal

We’ve put together a team of highly-trained, exceptionally-experienced experts that will facilitate your healing.
There’s no more guessing about your health. No more hoping for the day that you’ll feel better. We have a comprehensive process that helps you feel better, live stronger, and breathe clearer knowing that you’re on the path to healing.

We Started ALIGNOLOGY To Promote Healing In The Las Vegas Valley

We have put together a place that promotes healing from all aspects. We are centered around YOU and YOUR healing.

We’ve been extremely thoughtful in every aspect that comes with ALIGNOLOGY. In one place you can experience the healing properties of NUCCA chiropractic, massage therapy, energy healing, infrared sauna, stem cell therapy, and more.

We started ALIGNOLOGY to promote healing in the Las Vegas valley. And we plan on fulfilling on that mission.

Our Services To Help You Heal

We offer a wide variety of services so that you can get EXACTLY what you need to heal, feel better, and live the life you want.

Massage therapy has a number of health benefits – reducing stress, decreasing toxin build-up, helping with back pain, and more.  Our licensed massage therapists have helped thousands feel better, eliminate pain, and get back to their life.
We practice NUCCA Chiropractic care – there are less than 300 practitioners worldwide.
This highly technical form of chiropractic care has helped thousands reduce back and neck pain.
Your body is like a machine – there are a lot of moving parts. Traditional medicine focuses on your symptoms and then treats those symptoms.
We want you feeling amazing through ACTUAL healing (not minimizing symptoms). Our functional medicine team is specialized for you to experience deep and transformative healing.
Infrared saunas are different than traditional saunas. The infrared wavelengths penetrate your skin to remove toxins, promote wellness, and reduce stress.
Our infrared saunas are top-of-the-line, which means you get to experience all the health benefits while having a comfortable and relaxing experience.
Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. And, due to recent research, has been shown to promote healing for a variety of conditions.
Acupuncture can help you reduce pain, mitigate depression and anxiety, and much more.
Regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy) can boost your your health.
Regenerative medicine has been linked to the potential healing of incurable diseases, treating un-treatable conditions, and more.
Our highly-trained staff is ready to help you safely heal your body in ways you never thought possible.

Our Team Of Independent Medical Practitioners

Our team of independent practitioners who are highly-trained, and ridiculously-caring.

Our Admin Team

We’re here to help you have the smoothest, most enjoyable experience possible.

Rita L.


Rita was born & raised in San Diego, California. Her parents were born in the Middle East and she’s first generation in the United States. She’s the only child and claims she is not spoiled 😉 Her English/German Step-Father raised her with her Mom since she was a child and taught her a lot about serving others through his military service and service as a police officer. She has always had a passion to help others. She decided to follow her Father’s footsteps and enlist in the Air Force Reserves after high school.

She met her husband Dr. James LeFever in Las Vegas. They have 2 amazing kids together, Liam and Mila who keep them on their toes!

Rita has over 15 years of leadership development and training through the Air Force and City of Henderson. Prior to her becoming Director of ALIGNOLOGY™ & Associates, she resigned from the City of Henderson after serving there for 15 years. Rita’s passion and goals are to help educate people to prevent degenerative diseases through their own health journey!

What Health means to Rita: Having the right balance between the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional connections. When one is compromised, it will impair the others state and well-being. Love and time for God, relaxation, body healing, and self love are key components to being balanced and having them all work synergistically.

Through work/life balance, Rita enjoys spending time with her family, loves the lake and jet skiing/boating, networking/socializing, and traveling.

“Take care of your BODY, it’s the only place you have to LIVE” ~ ~Jim Rohn

Sherrel s.

Billing Administrator (BA)

A 6 year resident of Las Vegas, Sherrel joined the team at ALIGNOLOGY™ & Associates Wellness Center in May 2017 as Billing Administrator bringing with her over 30 years experience working in and around the medical field. Sherrel has owned several companies providing both business and technical support to medical providers and, most recently, provided billing and accounts receivable management services to physicians, clinics and ambulance services throughout the Northwest. Additionally, Sherrel has extensive experience in dealing with insurance carriers and understands how confusing and frustrating that can be for guests in the current climate of change. She is always ready and willing to help our guests understand their insurance benefits and work with them to resolve any issues or find a payment plan that will work within their budget. A native Oregonian who prefers the desert heat, Sherrel enjoys traveling around the Southwest with her husband as well as the frequent visits from other sun-seeking family and friends, including their 5 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

What health means to Sherrel: Health is the all-encompassing state of who we are as individuals: mentally, physically and spiritually.

Karina L.

Administrative Assistant (AA)

Karina was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and came to the United States when she was 8 months old and has lived in Las Vegas since then. She graduated from East Career and Technical Academy with an emphasis in Sports Entertainment and Marketing. She currently has an Associate in Business degree from the College of Southern Nevada and hopes to pursue a degree in hospitality. She previously worked in an optometrist clinic for almost 6 years before transferring to ALIGNOLOGY & Associates. She found her passion in customer service and guiding people through their care practices in order to lead them on a better path. Seeing guests come in and leave in a happier and more relaxed state of mind is what she strives for every day. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and friends playing competitive games or playing bingo at the casino.

What health means to Karina: She believes acting now to make a positive change in yourself can make a world of a difference down the line. There should be no procrastination when it comes to any health condition that can be treated now rather than struggling to maintain later. We only have one body now and we should treat it with respect.

Kristen Petrie, LMT

Massage Therapist

I grew up in Central Oregon along with the last five generations, dating all the way back to the Oregon Trail. The Cascade Mountain Range is a beautiful place to wake up to. Post-card perfect I like to say.

My interest in massage therapy and many other natural healing modalities started as a young girl. I always knew I wanted to be in the healing world somehow, someway. Massage school was the easy first step. I started that in Eugene, Oregon and thus my journey began.

What fills my heart and mind is the unending mystery of the human existence and the way our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT work together. The other part of that is how far the history of that awareness extends. Reflexology and Essential Oils were discovered as far back as being documented in ancient Egypt and Mayan Temples.

Massage therapy and energy work have evidence of existing as far back as 15,000 BC. It is amazing to me how far back healing one another has been a natural remedy of health. The pathways that you can follow are endless and fascinating. The modalities I work with the most are Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Aroma Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Pain Management, Injury Specific, all of which I utilize Energy Therapy.

On my down time, I am a proud mom of two beautiful boys that are the light of life. I enjoy reading, camping, hiking, lake swimming, and educating myself in one way or another while always growing.

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