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Josiah Smith, PA-C, CFMP, serves as your Director of Functional and Regenerative Medicine of Holistic Hormone Solutions at ALIGNOLOGY™.  Caring for over 120,000 patients, in his 21 year medical career, Josiah soon realized that addressing one’s health through drugs or surgery was limited.

To realize a functional state of well-being you are required to look outside the conventional dogma.  The foundation of health is achieved by following functional and lifestyle medicine principles of nutrition, stress resiliency, sleep, exercise, and community.  When you transition from a functional to optimized state of health and being, a “paradigm shift” must take place.  Genetics, lifestyle, and environment affect your epigenetic expression.  Going beyond the foundation to Optimized Health is achieved when interventions are personalized and tailored towards optimizing your epigenetic expression and not a one size-fits all approach.

Your optimized state can be further enhanced with cutting edge therapeutic interventions that work synergistically with your body’s physiology.  Hormonal optimization, regenerative medicine for aesthetics, sexual wellness, repair and recovery of the body, IV vitamin infusions, NAD infusions, and Peptide therapy.

Mastery of your Optimized Human State now allows for boundless mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual performance.

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