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I grew up in Central Oregon along with the last five generations, dating all the way back to the Oregon Trail. The Cascade Mountain Range is a beautiful place to wake up to. Post-card perfect I like to say.

My interest in massage therapy and many other natural healing modalities started as a young girl. I always knew I wanted to be in the healing world somehow, someway. Massage school was the easy first step. I started that in Eugene, Oregon and thus my journey began.

What fills my heart and mind is the unending mystery of the human existence and the way our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT work together. The other part of that is how far the history of that awareness extends. Reflexology and Essential Oils were discovered as far back as being documented in ancient Egypt and Mayan Temples.

Massage therapy and energy work have evidence of existing as far back as 15,000 BC. It is amazing to me how far back healing one another has been a natural remedy of health. The pathways that you can follow are endless and fascinating. The modalities I work with the most are Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Aroma Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Pain Management, Injury Specific, all of which I utilize Energy Therapy.

On my down time, I am a proud mom of two beautiful boys that are the light of life. I enjoy reading, camping, hiking, lake swimming, and educating myself in one way or another while always growing.

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