Sherrel S.

Billing Administrator (BA)

A 6 year resident of Las Vegas, Sherrel joined the team at ALIGNOLOGY™ & Associates Wellness Center in May 2017 as Billing Administrator bringing with her over 30 years experience working in and around the medical field. Sherrel has owned several companies providing both business and technical support to medical providers and, most recently, provided billing and accounts receivable management services to physicians, clinics and ambulance services throughout the Northwest. Additionally, Sherrel has extensive experience in dealing with insurance carriers and understands how confusing and frustrating that can be for patients in the current climate of change. She is always ready and willing to help our patients understand their insurance benefits and work with them to resolve any issues or find a payment plan that will work within their budget. A native Oregonian who prefers the desert heat, Sherrel enjoys traveling around the Southwest with her husband as well as the frequent visits from other sun-seeking family and friends, including their 5 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

What health means to Sherrel: Health is the all-encompassing state of who we are as individuals: mentally, physically and spiritually.

Yasmeen J.

Health Coordinator (HC)

Yasmeen was born in Reno Nevada, but grew up in Las Vegas. She went to Las Vegas Academy High School for Performing Arts where she majored in dance and fell in love with learning about the body. Being a dancer for most of her life, she trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern styles of dance. She has experience in Pilates, Yoga, and different body conditioning techniques.

After graduating high school, she decided to use her knowledge of the body elsewhere, leading to the study of massage therapy. She acquired her massage therapy license which led her on the path to work in a physical therapy office for about 5 1/2 years. Working in a physical therapist office provided her with knowledge in pain management, recovery and different massage techniques as well as patient education in exercise. Currently she’s on a new journey with us to expand her knowledge in patient education & care as it relates to healthcare coordination & providing patients the concierge type of service that we all need!

What Health means to Yasmeen: She believes that being healthy and effectively creating a permanent positive change starts from within. Being healthy internally, spiritually, and mentally is just as important as being healthy on the exterior as well.

“What he achieve inwardly will change outer reality” ~ ~Plutarch

Neomi J.

Health Coordinator

Prior to becoming a Health Coordinator for Alignology, I was initially introduced to this amazing team back in November of 2018; by becoming a stem cell patient and that has currently been the most AMAZING, LIFE ALTERING PROCESS OF MY LIFE. After countless visits to pain centers and failed procedures, I walked into this office as a broken woman in body and spirit. What attributed to this?

During the early part of my life, I was involved in two significant accidents. The first one was a roll over car accident where I was ejected out of the cabin of the vehicle and the second was a freak horse accident where I broke my ankle. As a result, I was left in a constant cycle of pain ever since. With the advantages of the functional medicine and holistic approach to my healing, I’ve began getting pieces of my life back in order. After being offered a position as Health Coordinator with the team, I was thrilled to accept the position and return to the work force!

My medical training began as a Medic in the Nevada Army National Guard, at the age of 17. After the roll over car accident, I became extremely passionate about wanting to help others, and my interest in being in the medical field was sparked. Learning about field medicine and trauma in the military was very exciting and appealing; spending time in the field was extremely rewarding and enjoyable. I was involved in the Combat Lifesaver training program for the state, which trained soldiers for basic lifesaving skills while in the field and while deployed. Additionally, I served in the Nevada State Honor Guard as an Honor Guard Instructor/Trainer, and Team Leader for Military Funeral Honor missions. Serving in the Nevada Army National Guard for ten years was a huge part of my life and a great passion that to lead many opportunities and lifelong friendships!

Upon completion of my military service, I worked for a tactical medical training company for 5 years, building on my experiences from the military and learning highly skilled techniques as they were being introduced into military trauma doctrine. Being surrounded by operators from around the world and varying agencies was such an incredible experience.

After my time spent with the company my husband (who I met in the military) and I started a family and welcomed our daughter, Vivian into the world. She is now 5 years old and makes our lives so complete and filled up with love and purpose. It was a goal of mine to go back in the work force by the time our daughter was in school full time, and it’s been such a blessing to have this opportunity at the right time!

Damaris P.

Functional Medicine Assistant (FMA)

Damaris was born in Guatemala and came to Las Vegas when she was 5 years old. Then her family started a new adventure in St. George, UT where her parents became Pastors of a Christian ministry. She graduated from Pine View High School and continued her education in Dixie state college to achieve her associates degree in criminal justice. Then, she moved back to Las Vegas in 2011 to continue her education. After 7 years in retail, she had an opportunity in the medical field and started working at a Chiropractor’s office predominately handling personal injury cases. She helped patients receive precise treatment that corresponded to their injuries. She quickly realized she had a passion for growth and helping others in different ways, so she starting searching for new opportunities. In that process, doors opened for her at ALIGNOLOGY&TRADE & Associates Wellness Center and ALIGNOLOGY&TRADE and was blessed to become part of their team. Now she’s a Functional Medicine Assistant while utilizing her Chiropractic Assistant license.

Damaris enjoys spontaneous adventures, frequent trips to visit her family in St. George, fitness, and spending every opportunity with her daughter Maylin.

What health mean to Damaris: It doesn’t only mean looking fit, feeling strong & healthy, but maintaining a positive state of mind to stay focused mentally and emotionally.