Sherrel s.


A 6 year resident of Las Vegas, Sherrel joined the team at ALIGNOLOGY™ & Associates Wellness Center in May 2017 as Billing Administrator bringing with her over 30 years experience working in and around the medical field. Sherrel has owned several companies providing both business and technical support to medical providers and, most recently, provided billing and accounts receivable management services to physicians, clinics and ambulance services throughout the Northwest.

Additionally, Sherrel has extensive experience in dealing with insurance carriers and understands how confusing and frustrating that can be for guests in the current climate of change. She is always ready and willing to help our guests understand their insurance benefits and work with them to resolve any issues or find a payment plan that will work within their budget. A native Oregonian who prefers the desert heat, Sherrel enjoys traveling around the Southwest with her husband as well as the frequent visits from other sun-seeking family and friends, including their 5 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

What health means to Sherrel: Health is the all-encompassing state of who we are as individuals: mentally, physically and spiritually.

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