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I had dizzy spells off and on for about 6 months. After seeing Dr. LeFever for about 8 adjustments, I feel so much better. I don’t feel the dizzy spells at all anymore. I have gone to chiropractors for over 10 years and Dr. LeFever has been one of the best. Thank you for making me feel better!

Kara M.

My main complaint was neck pain and pain in the right leg. I was treated by Dr. LeFever twice a week for the first month, then went to once a week and finally I am now seeing him once per month. After the first week, the neck pain was gone. The pain has not returned. I had put up with this extreme discomfort for years. The leg pain went away after 2 months. I did not complain to Dr. LeFever about insomnia that I often experienced for 20 years; however, I now sleep very well — usually 8 hours per night. It works!

Matt M.

I have suffered from lower back and hip pain for several years. I recently underwent left knee surgery due to a sports injury which compounded my pain. Since seeing Dr. LeFever, I have stopped taking pain medication and can sleep through the night. Dr. LeFever took the time to explain what my problems were and made sure he addressed any issues I had. Thanks Dr. LeFever.

Charles H.

“I had pain in my back, pain in my left shoulder and my left arm. I lost the use of my whole arm and my hand. After receiving help from Dr. LeFever and treatments, my pain has since went away and I am able to sleep and walk much better. Before I would hold my neck down and now I am able to hold my neck up straight. I would also lean to the right, and now I am walking with more balance. I have experienced no pain in my left shoulder since treatments. I feel my life has improved a great deal and I am able to resume my normal activities. I look forward to my monthly visit with Dr. LeFever. I would and have recommended Dr. LeFever to many of my friends and people I meet.

Irene F.

I was a competitive gymnast when I fractured my lower back 2 years ago. Since then I’ve had back braces and have gone to physical therapy. I have had chronic pain since the injury and after only my first 4 NUCCA treatments I can sit through school all day with no pain at all in my back. I also race cars and I was unable to get in and out of them without my back killing me and now it’s like I never hurt it. Thanks for fixing my back Dr. LeFever!

Ryen L.

I came to see Dr. LeFever because of lower back pain, right hip pain, and digestive problems. They had been ongoing for quite some time. Dr. LeFever took a great amount of time listening to my problem, asked many questions concerning my health, and then took x-rays. He was then able to discern what could be done to improve my situation. Over this last 18 months, I have seen excellent improvement in all three of my problem areas. He continues to provide excellent care for me and I am very grateful to have him as a friend and my NUCCA doctor. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. LeFever!

Deborah B.

Before starting NUCCA treatments with Dr. LeFever, I suffered chronic pain, fatigue, and limited mobility on a daily basis for 21 years. I was in severe pain 24/7 with multiple swollen joints, stiffness, and inflammation(Rheumatoid Arthritis). I was told by many orthopedic surgeons I needed 2 knee and ankle replacements.

Since starting NUCCA, I’m more mobile and haven’t needed a wheel chair, walking without limping, balance improving, less dependent on a walking cane, and no longer in excruciating pain. My body is feeling stronger in every way and breathing has improved. I’ve eliminated steroid injections, and cut the dosage of prednisone and placaunil in half. I haven’t needed a pain or sleeping pill in over a month. I can get through the day without laying down every few hours because of pain and fatigue.

I now have hope and a better outlook on life. I am 62 years young and haven’t felt this good in many decades. God bless Dr. LeFever and his work. I am so fortunate to find a doctor in the Las Vegas area who is knowledgeable and compassionate, making such a positive difference in my life!

Pat H.

Earlier this year I sustained a minor injury to my lower back while doing a leg workout in the gym. In the past I had utilized conventional chiropractors to alleviate lower back pain. This time I sought out Dr. LeFever and received therapy from him. In only a couple of sessions with Dr. LeFever I felt immediate relief. In a couple weeks, my body felt an overall sense of balance and healing. Returning to the gym and never felt better. Thanks Dr. LeFever!

Chris M.

I had numbness and pain in my right arm, wrist, and fingers. Being a cellist for over 40 years was taking it’s toll on my body and I was worried about not being able to play cello in the future. I had seen many different doctors over the years with limited success.
Since seeing Dr. LeFever, I have had less numbness and pain, and have been able to perform without worrying about becoming numb. His suggestions about massage, stretching, and nutrition have all been very helpful.
I plan on continuing to see Dr. LeFever and being committed to my wellness!

Robin R.